Thank You

After nearly 12 years and more than 400 Greyhounds placed into loving homes, Three Rivers Greyhounds has made the decision to cease operations in January 2022. We have met some truly wonderful people over the years, and we have many great memories of all the amazing dogs we helped connect with their families. It has been a truly rewarding experience for all of us, but everything must eventually come to an end.

We have laughed at the silly antics of some of your Greyhounds, and we have cried along with you when you’ve lost your beloved friends. There have been many good times, as well as a few difficult times over this past decade, but we wouldn’t trade one minute of this journey we’ve shared.

We will never lose our passion for Greyhounds and will continue to be available to support our adoption family in any way we can.

We extend our sincere thanks for your support over the years and wish each of you the brightest future.